About Us

Our Vision and Mission        

To mutually prepare, (equip) support and engage Congregations and Ministry Personnel to share and live out the transforming love and teachings of Jesus in our churches and communities.”

To fulfill that mission Four Rivers Presbytery will work so that:

​- we are transparent, compassionate, consultative and accountable to our Pastoral Charges and the wider church

​- we act on the teachings of Jesus in the area of social justice, advocacy and the healing of the environment

– we uphold the values of fellowship, trust and support

– we welcome individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities and encourage all to participate in every aspect of our activities and ministries

​- we act as a resource, and we share resources and ideas

​- we worship together and nurture the spiritual life of ministry personnel and lay people

– we are accessible, inclusive, diverse and listen for voices not often heard

​- we reclaim the term “evangelism” by seeking ways to share our faith that are congruent with who we are

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